2022 SMART Ottawa – April 7th 2022

SMART Remediation talks have focused on innovative technologies for remediating contaminated sites, approaches for site characterization, project case studies, regulatory and industry perspectives, and other related topics.

A recent SMART Remediation conference was held in Ottawa on April 7th 2022. Details on the speakers and presentations are provided below.

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Phil Dennis
Phil Dennis, SiREM
Combining Molecular Tools and Compound‐Specific Isotope Analysis for Natural Attenuation Assessment
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Michael Hebert
Michael Hebert, Mann Lawyers
Liability Of Non‐Contaminating Property Owners For Contamination Of Adjacent Sites
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Kevin French
Kevin French, Vertex Environmental
Remediating Bedrock: What Once Was Impossible Is Now Possible. Three Case Studies
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Jean Paré
Jean Paré, Chemco inc.
Biogeochemical Treatment of cVOCs
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Mike Mazzarese
Mike Mazzarese, AST Environmental, Inc.
DNAPL Remediation Projects: Case Studies Using the CAT 100 Technology
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Gavin Overbeeke
Gavin Overbeeke, AEL environment
Facilitating Property Transfer Through a Combination of Remediation and Risk Assessment
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Ben Sweet
Ben Sweet, QM Environmental
Lessons learned from one of the largest “Traditional” ZVI PRBs installed in North America
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Matthew Gardner
Matthew Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental
Getting Down and Dirty about Excess Soil Laws in Ontario and Beyond
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Charles Birchall
Charles Birchall, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
Getting Down and Dirty about Excess Soil Laws in Ontario and Beyond
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Meggen Janes
Meggen Janes, Waterfront Toronto
Remediation and Risk Management for Worker Protection
Bio | Abstract


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