2018 SMART Remediation Toronto – January 25, 2018


Marc McAree
Marc McAree, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
Mitigating Environmental Risks And Liabilities For Consultants And Contractors
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Grant R. Carey
Grant R. Carey, Porewater Solutions
Innovative Visualization Method For Demonstrating Natural And Enchanced Attenuation
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Mike Mazzarese
Mike Mazzarese, AST Environmental, Inc.
Combining Remedial Technologies and Implementation Methods to Address Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at Complex Sites
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Jean Paré
Jean Paré, Chemco inc.
Enhanced Bio-Remediation of Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons and PAHs Through Dedicated Endogenous Micro-organisms Biostimulation
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Katrina Zwambag
Katrina Zwambag, ALS Environmental
Total Oxidisable Precursor Assay: Exposing the Potential for Ongoing Contamination by PFAS Compounds Through Biotic and Abiotic Weathering Process
Bio | Abstract
Henry Yee
Combining Risk Assessment and Remedial Approaches to Address Residual Contamination
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Meggen Janes
Meggen Janes, Waterfront Toronto
Waterfront Toronto: Overview of Bench and Pilot-Scale Testing
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Cherilyn Mertes
Cherilyn Mertes, Geosyntec Consultants Inc.
Engineered Phytoremediation of Aquifers Impacted by High Contaminant Concentrations and Emerging Contaminants
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Chris Lompart
Chris Lompart, MECP
Excess Soil Management
Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Patrick O’Neill
Patrick O’Neill, Vertex Environmental Inc.
Three Case Studies: Using High Resolution Site Characterization
Bio | Abstract | Presentation


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