Ottawa Speaker Presentations

Marc McAree, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
Mitigating Environmental Risks And Liabilities For Consultants And Contractors
Marc McAree Bio AbstractPresentation

Grant Walsom , XCG
Slow Release Oxidants: Use of Remox SR+ Cylinders in Treatment for Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater
Grant Walsom BioAbstractPresentation

Mike Mazzarese, AST Environmental, Inc.
Combining Remedial Technologies and Implementation Methods to Address Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at Complex Sites
Mike Mazzarese BioAbstractPresentation

Charles Lamontagne, Chemco, Inc.
Enhanced Bio-Remediation of Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons and PAHs Through Dedicated Endogenous Micro-organisms Biostimulation
Charles Lamontagne BioAbstractPresentation

Grant R. Carey, Porewater Solutions
Innovative Visualization Method For Demonstrating Natural And Enchanced Attenuation
Grant R. Carey BioAbstractPresentation

Tauhid-Brian Thomas, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Giant Mine Northwest Territories: Containment of Arsenic Trioxide Using Freeze Techniques
Tauhid-Brian Thomas BioAbstractPresentation

Katrina Zwambag, ALS Environmental
Total Oxidisable Precursor Assay: Exposing the Potential for Ongoing Contamination by PFAS Compounds Through Biotic and Abiotic Weathering Process
Katrina Zwambag BioAbstract

Jeff Roberts, SiREM
Passive Sampling Approaches and Tools for Sediment Pore Water and Soil Gas Surveys
Jeff Roberts BioAbstractPresentation

Patrick O’Neill, Vertex Environmental Inc.
Three Case Studies: Using High Resolution Site Characterization
Patrick O’Neill BioAbstractPresentation

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