2013 SMART Remediation Ottawa – January 24, 2013

Our annual Ottawa SMART Remediation Conference was held at the Hampton Conference Centre on January 24, 2013.


Brian Butters P.Eng., MBA
Brian Butters P.Eng., MBA, Purifics ES Inc.
Advanced Control Network to Treat Dissolved Metals, VOCs and 1,4-dioxane
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Cecile Willert, P.Eng., QPRA
Cecile Willert, P.Eng., QPRA, EcoMetrix Incorporated
Case Studies in Risk Management Methods as a Component of the Remedial Process
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Scott Barker
Scott Barker, TOTERRA Remediation
Using Environmental Fracturing In Low Permeability Soils And Bedrock
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Kerry Bolandos-Shaw, M.Sc.
Kerry Bolandos-Shaw, M.Sc., Adventus Research Inc.
Chemical Reduction processes for In Situ Soluble Metals Remediation and Immobilization
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Grant R. Carey
Grant R. Carey, Porewater Solutions
Use of Mass Discharge to Reduce Remediation Costs at NAPL Sites
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Bruce Tunnicliffe
Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental Inc.
Using High Resolution Characterization for Detailed Real-Time Assessment of LNAPL and Dissolved Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons
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