2013 SMART Remediation Edmonton – April 3, 2013

SMART Remediation talks have focused on innovative technologies for remediating contaminated sites, approaches for site characterization, project case studies, regulatory and industry perspectives, and other related topics.

The 8th SMART Remediation conference was held in Edmonton on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013. Details on the speakers and presentations are provided below.

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Perry D. Gerwing, B.S.A., M.Sc.
Perry D. Gerwing, B.S.A., M.Sc., Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc.
Phytoremediation of Salt and Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil
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Todd Herrington
Todd Herrington, Regenesis
Remediation using In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Accelerated Anaerobic Biodegradation
Bio | Abstract
Gordon H. Bures
Gordon H. Bures, Frac Rite Environmental Ltd.
Using Environmental Fracturing To Achieve Sustainable Remediation In Difficult Lithologies
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Darryl Nelson
Darryl Nelson, Nelson Environmental Remediation Ltd.
Chemical Considerations in the Thermal Desorption Remediation of Soils
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John Davis
John Davis, Gibson Energy Inc.
Remediation Selection Process – An Industry Perspective
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Bruce Tunnicliffe
Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental Inc.
Using High Resolution Characterization for Detailed Real-Time Assessment of LNAPL and Dissolved Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons
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